Key Concepts

Regardless of eCommerce platform, Silhouette structures the flow of information in a standard manner, from Starting Point to the Silhouette Configurator Interface, to cart, to the Silhouette OMS Application.

Basic Workflow

Landing Page The Landing Page is the main entry point into the Silhouette Configurator experience. Landing Pages provide a way for the client to lead customers into the configuration experience with merchandised Starting Points (e.g. Collection of Customizable Products curated and configured for a specific team customer).

Silhouette Configurator Interface The core configuration experience is served as a hosted interface. This embedded self-contained UI runs in a client’s eCommerce environment and handles all aspects of the core product configuration process: option selection, product model rendering, price management, add-to-cart.

The Silhouette Configurator Interface exposes the Customization Template determined by a particular Starting Point that is synced to a Customizable Product in the client’s eCommerce catalog.

Cart/Checkout – After finalizing a Product Configuration, a customer can then add it to cart and checkout using the eCommerce systems normal checkout flow. When the add-to-cart event is triggered, a Recipe is generated, stored, and assigned a new unique RecipeID. The RecipeID is sent to the cart along with key data provided by the Customizable Product.

Silhouette OMS Directly or indirectly the Silhouette OMS application consumes Order Data from the cart and utilizes the RecipeID contained in it to create visual work orders (Order Travelers) for factories to make and fulfill Product Configurations.

Basic Landing Page – Single Starting Point

Collection Landing Page – Multiple Starting Points

Product Collection Landing Page РFeatured Product With Multiple Starting Points

Silhouette Configurator Interface

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