Workflow Variations

Silhouette is built for flexibility. Not all business models and product types fit into a single workflow. Silhouette supports three workflow variations to support common business requirements.

Workflow A – Integrated PDP


The Integrated PDP workflow integrates the Silhouette Configurator Interface with the PDP and provides a direct path from a merchandised Starting Point to the full product configuration experience.



Integrated PDP Layout

The Silhouette Configurator Interface is called into the client PDP and handles all aspects of the core product configuration process: option selection, product model rendering, price management, add-to-cart.

Product descriptions, supporting imagery, and reviews are maintained through the client’s eCommerce system and are typically included below the Silhouette Configurator Interface.

Workflow B – Pre-Selection


The pre-selection workflow requires customers to select a Customizable Product variant from a stock PDP prior to entering the Silhouette Configurator Interface. Pre-selection is required when clients are managing Customizable Products at the variant SKU level (e.g. TaylorMade Golf Accessories).

As a SKU represents a style/size/color, typical pre-selections include gender, size, and color. In this workflow, these options are informed by the Customizable Product variant SKU, rather than through the Recipe.


TaylorMade Golf Accessories

Pre-Selection Layout

The Pre-Selection workflow makes use of the client’s stock PDP page for variant preselection.

The workflow requires the client to include an additional CTA (Call To Action) on the the stock PDP:

  • Edit Design/Personalize Design (opens the Custom Template that is synced to the pre-selected variant in the Silhouette Configurator Applet.)

Workflow C – Virtual PDP


A Virtual PDP page mirrors a standard product detail page, but is injected with a Starting Point product configuration stored in the Silhouette Admin Tool. From the Virtual PDP, the customer can choose to buy the product configuration, as is, or launch the Silhouette Configurator Interface to edit the configuration.



Virtual PDP Layout

The Virtual PDP contains essential objects from the Customization Template required to complete a sale without additional customization. In the example shown this includes:

  • Product Title
  • Configured Product Price
  • Size element
  • Quantity element
  • Product Model preview
  • Perspective thumbnails

The Virtual PDP contains the following CTAs (Call To Actions):

  • Add To Cart ( adds new recipe to cart with size and quantity values populated)
  • Edit Design or Personalize Design (opens the Starting Point design in the Silhouette Configurator Interface with options pre-selected for design edits and/or personalization.)

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