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From factory setup to custom development and integration, our consulting services are designed to help you get the most out of Silhouette™ to maximize the success of your mass customization program.
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Expert guidance to help your product customization program thrive.
We offer a range of consulting services to help you maximize your results with Silhouette™. Whether you’re new to the platform and need a crash course in the product or a long-time customer looking to shake up your customization strategy, we’ve got something for everyone.

Customization strategy

Our team of product customization experts work with you to understand your business’ goals, and then create a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve them — business case, implementation roadmap, product development, growth plan.

Manufacturing supply chain

Traditional supply chains are under pressure as contemporary digital technologies attract new competitors who implement these technologies rapidly and skillfully. Put our expertise to work and rethink of the concepts of supply chain management — efficiency, innovation, logistics.

Systems and factory setup

Systems and factories are at the center of mass customization and provide opportunities to improve performance, manage risk, and drive innovation. Getting the tech right is the start of your transformation into a quick response, custom product manufacturer — equipment selection, facility layout, work design, standardization, design of material, information flow.

Online product merchandising and customer activation

You’ve launched a selection of custom products. Now what? We help you engage your customer throughout the buying journey for maximum conversion, from curiosity through checkout — virtual merchandizing, activation campaigns, custom offering and option analysis.

Onboarding and production

Hit the ground running right from the start. Resources and technical help to ensure that your Silhouette™ implementation is a success — visual asset preparation, customizer skinning, custom template creation, asset onboarding.

Silhouette training

Grow your skill set and your business as you learn from a Silhouette™ expert one-on-one. Learn the fundamentals of Silhouette’s tools and best practices to put them to use effectively — template building, asset management, starting points and collections.

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