Powerful product customization software for eCommerce.

Our proprietary application, Silhouette™, is the only product customization solution on the market that includes order management and factory routing. Backed by decades of custom manufacturing experience. Trusted by New Balance, TaylorMade, Wolverine and dozens of other leading brands.
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Silhouette™ Product Customization Software Suite.


Strategic Planning

visual product customization

Configurator & Integration

visual product customization

Custom Manufacturing

A complete custom product management solution. Right-Sized and cost efficient for your business.

Silhouette handles the entire mass customization order flow, from product configuration to order management. Silhouette combines visual product customization and order management software to keep the entire user experience, order management, and accounting systems aligned in one simple, powerful package.

Just the right features for efficiency and scale.

Responsive Design

Silhouette is fully responsive for all mobile devices. Your customized experience will look and function expertly on any device.


Customize your way

Modify any product with color, text, embroidery, textures, and images.

Multiple Customization Templates

Create multiple templates for each product and sync seamlessly with your eCommerce catalog.

Virtual Merchandising

Publish multiple product designs from a single custom template. One product in the catalog can power hundreds of derivative designs.

Better branding

Customize our flexible CSS to dial in the desktop and mobile layouts for your product configurator to suit your brand.


Deliver production-ready embellishment files and artwork directly to the factory floor.


Intuitive Admin Panel

Manage all product customization offerings and order fulfillment from a single powerful interface.

Intelligent factory assignment

More than one factory? No problem. All of your orders are stored in one place routed to the factory user account that will fulfill them.


Simplified Order Detail and Build Instructions

Visual build instructions for each order, or batch of orders, means fewer production errors.

Order Acknowledgments, Status Updates, and Advanced Shipping Notices

Keep your customers in the loop with real-time status messages and advanced shipping notices sent to upstream systems.

Essential Reporting

Intelligence is everything. Identify the custom options that matter most to your customers. Generate factory invoices and pay your factories accurately.

Dynamic Costing and Bill Of Materials

Account for the variability in material costs for precise production and factory costs.

Your path to selling and manufacturing customized products profitably starts with Silhouette™.

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