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Get started today: 888-323-2010

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Our customization programs help leading brands stand out, drive growth, and more.

Learn how the right customization and personalization strategy can help you capitalize on market trends, boost your bottom line, and win brand loyalty.
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We are the product customization experts.

JTB Custom can help you with the right strategic development, configurator and order management software, and even turn-key manufacturing – everything you need to plan and launch a successful product customization and personalization business. Ready to go? We’re here for you!

Jud Barr

Jud Barr, CEO
JTB Custom

“Product customization is more accessible than you think.”

Jud Barr is recognized as a customization and personalization industry leader with over 25 years of experience. Check out his recent Sourcing Journal Article and Fireside Chat to learn more.

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