We turn brands into profitable customizers.

JTB Custom offers the only product customization solution on the market backed by decades of custom manufacturing experience.

What we do.

Software is only the beginning.
We transform brands into innovative, quick response custom manufacturers and show them how to share the benefits across the entire value stream, from the point of purchase to the factory floor, for maximum profitability. When it takes two hours to make a pair of shoes, whether it’s one or in a batch of ten thousand, why are your customers waiting weeks to receive their orders? We fix that problem with software and the services to show you how to get the most out of it.

Mass Customization

We know custom inside and out. Our consulting team is comprised of industry leaders who specialize in mass customization. We show our clients how to build profitable mass customization programs from strategy through execution, from the point of sale to the factory floor and beyond.

Lean Manufacturing

We help our clients build factories and evolve processes to make products down to batch sizes of one with better efficiency than mass production. Then, we show them how to use this capability to its full potential through profitable mass customization, quick turn SMU collections, and cost-effective sampling.

Our services make the difference.

Expert guidance to help your product customization program thrive.

Customization Strategy

Manufacturing Supply Chain

Systems & Factory Setup

Online Product Merchandising & Customer Activation

Silhouette Onboarding & Asset Creation

Silhouette Training

How We Work.

Our approach creates and harnesses the power of lean, custom manufacturing through profitable mass customization programs, quick-turn SMUs, cost-efficient sampling, and beyond.

Step 1:
We set your business up for custom.

We set your business and your manufacturing up to take orders from the web and build them no matter the size, one unit or ten thousand units.

Step 2:
We help you leverage your custom capability.

We show you how to leverage your custom capability for maximum profit, feeding it with orders through multiple channels — eCommerce made-to-order, special makeups and collections, design and sales sampling.

Step 3:
We show you how to make continuous improvements for max ROI.

We work continuously with all of your value stream members to:

Our software.

Silhouette™ Order Management & Product Configuration Software Suite

Silhouette™, a complete custom product management solution.

Silhouette is an application designed to manage the entire mass customization order flow, from product configuration to order management. Completely hosted and web based, Silhouette combines product customization and order management software to keep the entire user experience, order management, and accounting systems aligned in one simple, powerful package.

Our clients.

Sperry mass customization
Stance mass customization lean manufacturing
Wilson Sports
Keds mass customization
New Balance mass customization lean manufacturing
Rickshaw Bagworks
Under Armour

Our core team.

Our consulting team is comprised of industry leaders who specialize in mass customization projects.

Jud Barr


Michael Boardman

Sr. Consultant & Product Manager

Warren Trent

CTO & System Architect

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