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We turn brands into profitable customizers.

JTB Custom offers the only product customization solution on the market backed by decades of custom manufacturing experience.

At JTB Custom, our passion is helping brands evolve into stronger, more efficient businesses by making and selling products their customers truly want, on demand.


Traditional mass production has created problems for consumer product companies for decades. Long lead times increase inventory risk. Large batch production runs reduce the ability to reach smaller consumer segments. Closeouts reduce profitability and damage brand equity. Destruction of unsellable inventory undermines environmental sustainability.

The future will be defined by lean production, not mass production. That means building to true customer demand, not building to shaky forecasts. It means a batch size of one, for an individual customer, not one hundred thousand units for many customers. It means merchandising a product line virtually, not squandering money on samples that are destined for the landfill. Most of all, it means higher customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty – and higher profits.

JTB Custom’s innovative technology and unique expertise are the solution to these problems. Our innovative technology and small-batch manufacturing capability enable profitable and scalable personalization, decoration, and product customization of any type of product – from running shoes to backpacks, from golf clubs to scooters.

Product customization transcends both brand and product categories. By efficiently matching supply to consumer demand and enabling brands to capture more of the demand curve, JTB Custom will help you increase profitability, customer satisfaction. All at a fraction of the cost – and in a fraction of the implementation time – of competing companies.

Our core team.

Our team is comprised of industry leaders who specialize in product customization.

Jud Barr

Jud Barr
Founder & Principal

Jud Barr is Founder and Principal of JTB Custom, with over 25 years managing and consulting for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and turnarounds. An industry leader in product customization, Jud has worked with a wide range of clients including Nike, Reebok, Timberland, Taylor Made, Wolverine, and many others. Jud has led diverse projects at every scale, from front-end custom configuration to lean factory build-outs to production-optimization, and has built a reputation for maximizing revenue growth while improving processes and profitability. His passion is bringing product customization to the market, the ability to make a batch size of one, and ultimately helping brands and retailers build products on demand, holding zero inventory and creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly supply chain. Jud received his degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and lives with his wife and three children in New Canaan, CT.

Michael Boardman
Michael Boardman
Vice President Product, Implementation & Customer Care

Michael Boardman leads the effort to help JTBC clients enter the bespoke, made-to-order product market by training them on the front-end visual product configurator development process, advising them on marketing strategy and tactics for customer activation, and guiding them onto JTBC’s proprietary software system, Silhouette. An expert in product customization and small-batch manufacturing with dozens of projects focused on growing revenue and profit to his credit, Michael is uniquely equipped to help clients achieve success. He has worked with a broad spectrum of companies including the Boston Stock Exchange, Sun Microsystems, Perkin Elmer, Textron, MobileQ, Northeastern University, New Balance, Wild Things, and Ocean Spray Cranberries, and has led the way for all of JTBC’s current clients. His passion is helping clients navigate entry and optimization in the customization market, and guiding them to a profitable, rapidly growing custom business.

Warren Trent

Warren Trent
CTO & Systems Architect

Warren Trent is the chief technology officer at JTB Custom and oversees Silhouette software development, integration, and systems implementation. He is an expert in software engineering, holding roles at Sony, Interactive Marketing Group, and Perry Systems, as well as founding CodeFactory. Prior to starting his second company and joining JTBC’s team as CTO, Warren was the vice president of Engineering at Perry Systems, where he architected client solutions and ran a large group of domestic and off-shore developers. Warren believes in creating complete solutions for product customization that not only provide an elegant customer experience but also function well on the backend for product developers and the manufacturing supply chain. Warren received his bachelor’s degree in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his MBA from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business with a degree in Information Systems.

Colin Woodford
Colin Woolford
VP of Sales & Financial Strategist

Colin Woolford is JTB Custom’s VP of Sales and Financial Strategist, leading the sales efforts and financial growth strategy. Prior to JTBC, Colin was an Assistant Vice President at Barclays Investment Bank, where he focused on Collateralized Loan Obligations on the Syndicate Team. He also worked at Barclays on the Institutional Equity Sales Desk, where he focused on selling the vast capabilities of Barclays Bank to institutional investors. Now Colin is focused on bringing product customization into the mainstream for brands and retailers so they can reap the benefits of better customer engagement, higher margins, and reduced inventory risk. He is a graduate of the University of Denver where he was an integral member of the Denver Pioneers Lacrosse National Championship Team as an offensive midfielder and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in Finance. Colin currently resides in New York with his wife.

Our clients.

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